Tales from a Gaines Street Pedicabber

There is something special about the open air pedicab experience along the ever evolving Gaines street area. Gaines Street is a cultural hub of Tallahassee and a hidden gem of our fair city. Between the festivals and local music scene there is never a dull moment. FSU College Town, Railroad Square Art Park and Cascades Park are all close enough to pedicab to and from Gaines Street if you want to hop around and see what there is nearby!

I recently took a couple from Madison Social to The Wilbury and even took some bros one night from The Edison to Madison Social! The Brew District bar crawls are always a good time as well. I happened to pick up some wizards and witches during the annual Million Muggle March as they were heading back from Proof to Madison Social.

Gaines Street really is a great way to connect people and places via Pedicab in a fun and unique transportation option. That’s all for this edition of tales from a Gaines Street Pedicabber, until next time let’s keep the good times rolling!